Monthly Archives: August 2013

Hello world.

Hi, thanks for stopping by the CrowdCampaign blog. As we’ve been doing the beta rounds to test out our service, many of our new users had questions about the people behind the service. Are we trust worthy? What are our aims?

Basically, it’s a passion project from myself (Yutai Liao), and my partner Gidon Wise. Having spent years building an ad platform together at, we recognize the influence and power of the little web banner ads that drives and powers so many of your favorite websites.

Why not make this something a regular Jane citizen can use to promote issues important to her? Why should this power only be accessible to the rich powerful corporate interests?

About us

Gidon is a passionate vegan evangelist, seasoned technologist, co-founder of adBrite, and creator of many other projects and businesses. I’ll let him introduce himself more in another post.

I am a designer of web products and creator of adult sized adventures, such as:

StreetWars: The water gun assassination tournament

Champagne Mouth: The only classy way to drink

Rental Car Rally: Halloween on wheels

We hope CrowdCampaign fits in the tradition of trouble making that Gidon and I are both rather fond of. From professional experience, we know that online ads can be powerful, and we want you to have it, too.