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Help us be gay for Russia.

“I am a person, not propaganda.”

Hi, I am Yutai, one of the founders of CrowdCampaign and would like to demonstrate how you can promote a cause, for example spreading some positive LGBT vibes in Russia.

Here’s how it works:
CrowdCampaign, our newly launched service lets anybody buy online ads targeting users by location, showing an ad message of their choice.

Help contribute some funds to buy advertising space to show ads like the one on this page to any and all Russian web surfers while they are out interneting.

What does your ad look like?
The sample ad above is an ad I’ve created that says in Russian, “I am a person, not propaganda”. You can use that ad, or you can easily create your own ad, or choose from any other ads that other users have created as well.

Where will these ads appear?
We take the funds you contribute, and spend it buying up ad space across a network of websites through ad exchanges that we work with.

What will the impact this have?
That’s always a hard question to answer, but we think it’s absolutely lovely to be able to do what the Russian laws won’t allow Russians themselves to do, spreading the good word that a person’s gender and sexual identity is worthy of respect and acceptance.

Where will these ads link to?
They will link to a wonderful site of LGBT positivity called

Was this campaign started by the folks at this magazine?
No, they are very much unaffiliated up to now. That’s one of the key features of CrowdCampaign, anybody can start promoting any site or idea.